I’ve been procrastinating over this for over a year, but finally after five years Lumberjack has rebranded to become Studio Finesse.


It was time for a change. Five years is a long time and the Lumberjack brand had grown stale. At the time I chose the acronym LBRJK because it was unique, I had no problem getting domains, social media handles, etc – it was great. However over time I’ve grown to hate it; it doesn’t read very well and is difficult to remember.

The LBRJK website was in desperate need of an update, however motivation to work on the business’ online presence had completely gone.

Besides the Lumberjack icon, the brand never had a clearly defined identity. Again my motivation to improve this just wasn’t there with the current name.

However, when I started to explore alternative names I started to visualise the benefits of what changing might bring.

Does it matter?

Not really. It’s just a name, I’m sure there’s plenty of people that would say they prefer Lumberjack but I think I had more than enough personal justification to change.

What’s changed?

Besides the name and the logo, essentially nothing has changed. It’s still mainly me (Matt), working remotely with the help of a few friends, offering bespoke website design and development, just in new packaging that I feel better represents the work that we do.

I wanted to have a full site ready in time for the switch but had to settle on this holding page for now – at least it showcases our latest work.

If you want to get hold of me now you can do so via, or call the studio on 01903 940640.